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How long does it take to get started?
  • As long as there are not any issues with the ad account, we are up and running within 2-3 days.
  • After we do our initial onboarding call with you, we will go back, strategize and then begin to execute. We will get on a kickoff call with you and your team to explain our strategy. Once that is approved, we will be launched!
What Services Do You Provide?
  • We are a full service marketing firm. We handle all paid social media advertising on all platforms, social media management on all platforms, SEO, OTT, website creations and optimizations, and content!
Why should we use you for our paid advertising?
  • Our team has over 50 total years of experience in the digital marketing space. We have worked with every type of business out there, and we understand what it takes to make a business successful. We will do a full audit of your business with you to figure out where you are looking to improve, and we will execute at the highest level.
What makes Drip Digital Media Different?
  • We pride ourselves on communication. We want our clients to feel engaged, understanding every step we are making, and allow them to understand the strategies we are putting into place for their business.
  • We have bi weekly calls with our clients, as well as weekly reports we send out to our clients. We also have an open line of communication through Slack, which will allow for any daily questions our clients have!
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  • If you do not have a business manager or ad account set up, we are beyond happy to get it all set up for you!
  • We will also set up any pages for your business.
Do you offer coaching or training?
  • Yes, we offer a 90 day coaching program to help you take your business to the next level. We will come in and do a full audit of your entire business and see what we need to do to take you there.
  • This program will include weekly consulting calls, audits, content help, and much more.
How much involvement is required from our clients?
  • Our goal is to allow our clients to lay back, relax, and watch the business come in! We let the client decide how involved they want to be. If they just want us to give them reports on results, we are happy to do so, or if they want us to keep them in the loop with every step we are making, we are happy to do that as well!
Why should my business utilize Social Media?
  • Social Media is not going anywhere, we understand the importance of growing an online presence. Social Media is the number growth tool for any business nowadays. Social Media is what turns small businesses to big businesses and big businesses to even bigger businesses!