For clients that want to sell products online, we at Drip Digital Media offer help building eCommerce Websites. Website design is important for any business, especially in the modern era. However, for eCommerce companies, which do all of their business online, the design of the website is absolutely crucial for success in any aspect of their business. Having a good, properly-designed website keeps the customers that visit your website looking longer, it allows them to find any and all products and services that they need, and most importantly, it makes them more likely to actually use the services that your business provides. Good website design keeps users from getting confused or leaving due to poor experiences with the site. If you’re creating an eCommerce website, then you’re going to need a platform to host it on. The major open-source platforms for eCommerce are Shopify, Magneto and WooCommerce, but to decide, it is important to know the difference between the platforms.

The first platform is Shopify. Shopify is a great program for small to medium sized sites and it perfect for businesses just getting into the eCommerce game. It offers a low-cost service that is easily manageable. It is also a very easy to use program that allows companies to set up and maintain their business on the platform conveniently without the need to have a professional web developer on your team. Unfortunately, as a result of its ease of use, Shopify doesn’t have a lot of functionality compared to other platforms on this list.

The second platform is Magneto. Magneto is geared towards websites that are a bit larger and it boasts some impressive functionality. Magneto has a whole slew of great features, and impressive integration with other programs. It can even integrate directly with Google shopping ads. However, because of this increased functionality, it is significantly harder to use than something like Shopify. If your company is going to use Magneto as its platform of choice, it will be necessary to have someone that knows the ins and outs of professional web development to help set it up and maintain it. In addition, it will take a lot of work to update your website and make changes.

The third and final platform is WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the most widely used eCommerce platform right now, and goes even further into serious professional web dev territory. The platform is designed to be used with WordPress sites, and as such, you will need to set up and know the ins and outs of WordPress in order to use WooCommerce. It boasts incredible flexibility and integration, and it has a wide community of users that can be extremely convenient and help ease the process of using the testosterone cypionate beginners platform. However, your website will need frequent updates and maintenance that can be quite technically difficult.

Setting up an eCommerce website can be incredibly daunting and full of challenges and pitfalls. If you set up the site badly, it can turn off users to your company before you’ve even gotten anywhere. In addition, building the site by itself can be a difficult process, and selecting the wrong platform to use can result in dozens of wasted hours of learning a certain program. Using our professional eCommerce services can help your company bypass all of that. With our expertise, we can help you avoid all of the potential mistakes and difficulties and put you on a streamlined path to setting up the perfect webpage that fits your exact specifications.

At Drip Digital media, we are experts not only in marketing and social media, but also in the development of websites. We are committed to providing a tailor-made program just for your business to have the best eCommerce website possible. While many other companies might offer a single method of setting up a website, we recognize that there are many great option available, and some might fit better than others for certain situations. We want to make sure that your eCommerce website is the right one for you, and one you can be proud to serve customers with.